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Hurricane Communications is committed to helping your business not only grow but thrive. We aim to get to know your company and premises and create a long-lasting relationship with your business. We love to watch you succeed.

Whatever the scale of your business, you have nothing to lose in giving us a call to discuss how we can help meet your energy needs.


Working offices generally consume very high amounts of energy. If you find the right deal, these types of premises present opportunities for huge savings.

Every office space is different, and we are dedicated to finding the energy contracts most suited to your facility. Enlisting the help of a broker can be especially smart if you have a larger office; generally speaking, the more energy is required, the better the deals become, but they’re often hidden and require negotiation. Let us save your business money and time by doing the hard work for you.

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With sit-in businesses starting to reopen, you might be looking for a fresh and economical way to manage your energy contracts.

At Hurricane Communications, we understand that reliable energy, gas and water is crucial to your business. Whether you’re a community-based co-operative cafe or a large-scale Michelin star restaurant, we help you find the right energy contracts to suit your needs.

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Unlike other retail establishments, many supermarkets and convenience stores consume energy 24/7. We can help you find the best specialist energy contracts for you.

So-called “high traffic” businesses, many members of the public rely on these shops to provide them with basic food and utilities. We specialise in finding energy deals for all kinds of businesses and help you make savings with reliable and functional contracts.

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Few other businesses rely on energy more than the entertainment industry. Without a reliable energy contract, cinemas and theatres go dark. Not to mention the high volume of people that pour in every evening who use gas and water facilities.

We want to get to know you, your business and your specific needs to source you the best energy deals. As entertainment venues consume a high amount of energy, we will also help you manage the environmental implications of your energy use.

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We know your guests expect working utilities such as electricity, water, and stable wifi in a high-traffic establishment.

You’ll need a supplier that can support a larger-than-normal output, which can be expensive. An experienced broker can be the difference between haemorrhaging thousands of pounds and finding the correct and cheapest deal for you for hotel establishments. Contact Hurricane Communications today for no-obligation advice.

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As gyms begin to reopen, it’s a good idea to reevaluate your energy contracts and investigate whether you’re paying more than you’d like on your energy bills.

Energy costs can sometimes be overlooked by leisure and gym venues, but finding the right deal can save you a huge amount of money and stress. Hurricane Communications has years of experience sourcing the right supplier for all kinds of businesses. We’ll take care of it all, from the search to the swap.

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To create a successful Airbnb business, you must deliver the reliable utilities you advertise to your guests.

What’s more, you can’t control how your guests will use your amenities. Be sure that your electricity is reliable, your wifi connection is stable, and your water stays hot with energy suppliers you can depend on. A contract that covers all the bases will be suitable for you and will be sure to keep costs low. We can help you find the best deal.

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As technology advances, hairdressers and beauty salons have become more and more reliant on electricity-powered products to work.

From hairdryers to LED UV lamps, technologies have been revolutionising the beauty industry for years. It is, therefore, crucial to contemplate the pros and cons of your current supplier and whether it might be economical for you to change. We can help you do that. Give us a call today.

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