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If you work in the public sector, your energy bills and providers might not be your first consideration. The reality is that you could be saving significant amounts of money on your bills; you just need to know where to look for the right deals.

At Hurricane Communications, we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses throughout the public sector for many years. You’ll be in good hands with our experienced brokers, who aim to not only meet all of your needs but surpass them.


Although running reliable energy throughout an entire school can seem expensive, did you know that facilities with a high energy consumption are also the most likely to save money on their bills?

In these circumstances, it is advisable to enlist the help of an experienced broker to find you the best energy deals. We find you the best suppliers who can help you power your school whilst saving you money and meeting your energy output needs.

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To do their jobs effectively and safely, doctors and NHS staff need reliable utilities at their disposal.

Staff must have dependable access to clean water, phone connection, internet and electricity. The best and most effective deals suited to medical facilities are often hidden away; Hurricane is dedicated to finding you the best contracts suited to your establishment. Give us a call today for an initial consultation.

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As a medical facility, the energy needs of your dental practice must be met.

We understand that you need reliable energy contracts that are cost-effective. We can help you identify exactly what your needs are; it could be to keep costs low, negotiate features of your contract, or minimise your consumption. With all this in mind, we get to work finding the perfect energy suppliers for you, saving you time, effort and frequently money.

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With a high volume of guests coming through the door, it’s sometimes hard to predict exactly what your library, museum or art gallery’s energy needs might be.

Depending on the size of your establishment, you might be legally required to offer certain facilities to the visiting public. In these circumstances, a contract that covers all the bases might be most effective. Whatever your situation, we are here to help. Give us a call for some free advice today.

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If you run a care home, you must create an easy, comfortable and safe environment for your residents.

We’ll help you decipher your ideal energy contract that meets all of your residents’ needs. We specialise in seeking out the most cost-effective and practical solutions available, saving you time, effort and money.

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Finding suitable energy suppliers for university and higher education facilities can be challenging, and your requirements will vary depending on the institution.

Universities are required to offer high-quality facilities to students, lecturers and guests. Reliable wifi, electricity, gas and water are crucial in maintaining the well-being and optimising their experience.

We offer bespoke advice to universities looking to get the most out of their energy contracts. With many years of experience, we use our in-depth knowledge of the market to find you the best supplier for your energy needs.

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